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  2. Hello, I want to login invision community with wordpress (Wordpress as a Server). For this functionality, I am using "IPBWI for WordPress v4" plugin. For this plugin I got the 'IPS REST API Key' but not getting 'Master IPS Connect Key'. I am following below steps Go to IP.board ACP » System » Settings » Login Handlers Please see attached images Can you provide me better step and any other way. Please help me. Thanks Yogendra Solanki
  3. straightvisions

    Performance Issues / Big Logging Data Storage

    If you run a community with many members, you want to reduce SSO logging to increase performance. Just reduce time for clearing logs in IPB > System > REST API > API Logs.
  4. straightvisions

    Hooks (Actions, Filters)

    To allow you further, update-save customization of plugin behavior or even extending functionality by your own, we provide several actions and filters. Actions You can run your own code on these triggers following WordPress' do_action functionality. ipbwi_sso_loaded Arguments: none ipbwi_sso_hooks_loaded Arguments: none ipbwi_sso_ipb_login Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_logout Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_register Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_delete Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_change_email Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_change_name Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_change_password Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_validate Arguments: $status $request Filters You can change variables on runtime following WordPress' add_filter functionality. ipbwi_sso_ipb_request Arguments: $request ipbwi_sso_wp_login_destination_url Arguments: $destination_url ipbwi_sso_wp_logout_destination_url Arguments: $destination_url
  5. straightvisions

    Special Chars in Usernames

    Per default, both WordPress and IPS have no issues with special chars in usernames. Some WordPress installs may have strict mode enabled (e.g. through WordPress Network or WPMU Feature) which results in ASCII based names only. Some users may find this free WordPress plugin useful: WordPress Special Characters in Usernames Nevertheless, if this plugin doesn't fix your issue, it has a very lean codebase, so you may just copy, adjust and past it into your theme's functions.php or a custom plugin to get it solved in your scenario. Please note that this inconsistent use of strict mode in WordPress has a bugtracker discussion since 2011, so that's nothing we can hurry up here.
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