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    That's absolutely awesome Big thanks!
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    yay im the first pledger
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    Thanks, that was the issue. I use FileZilla which normally works fine, apart from this time! Have uploaded in binary and it's installed correctly. Thanks! Off to have a play with it now
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    Awesome. Thanks mate. Keep work
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    IPBWI has got fixed several bugs in topic edit feature (thanks to vesper for reporting).IPBWI for WordPress brings advanced caching feature for latest posts feature allowing to renew cache via cronjob. v3.5.4 released
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    Hi Vesper, IPBWI for WordPress allows vice versa login. That includes same domains (e.g. forum or wordpress in a subdirectory) and different subdomains (e.g. forums.yourdomain.com for board and yourdomain.com for wordpress). You have to set ".yourdomain.com" as cookie domain in IPBWI for WordPress settings within IP.board AND in server settings in IP.board. You should receive a notification mail about this answer, as you are following this topic Looking forward to IPB 4 Kind regards, Matthias
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    I use Windows and CuteFTP for my development pc, and CentOS 6.4 for my webserver. Downloading the zip file and then uploading the relevant folders to the webserver ALWAYS gave me the error "Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error." The only way I could upload the files correctly was to zip the plugin folder, and then upload the zip file itself. I then unzipped that file directly on the server. IMO this will be preventing many a person from getting started with the plugin. I'm a technically sound user with 15-20 years of experience but it took me a while to get the plugin activated. Just some food for though. Chris.
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    I tested it - works great. With the renamed wp-content directory. Version 3.9 of WordPress, version 3.4.5 of IPB.
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    I solved this. There was a bug in Jetpack and latest update fixed it
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    License is out.
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    Hi, I hope someone can give me some pointers on how to troubleshoot further or knows a solution for this problem, any help is greatly appreciated I recently installed the latest version of the IPBWI plugin on our website. This works well and good when only the IPBWI plugin is enabled. As soon as we enable more plugins in Wordpress (about 10 plugins at most) Wordpress gives us the '500 Internal Server error' . After this wp-admin cannot be accessed as it only gives this error. Unfortunately no other information is specified. As through my Google search I learned big chances are that 500 errors are caused by the PPH memory limit (which in our case is 64M). Based on this I ran the P3 Plugin Profiler plug into see how much memory each plugin was using, please find the results below: - Wordpress with only Plugin Profiler enabled: +/- 34MB - Wordpress with every other plugin we're currently using enabled (except IPBWI): +/-42 MB. - Wordpress with only IPBWI : 58 MB - Wordpress with all plugins (incl. IPBWI): 500 Internal Server error (exceeds memory limit of 64M?) Based on the above I made a simple conclusion (though my knowledge on memory usage of PHP and WP plugins is limited) that IPBWI is using about 20 MB of available memory through PHP. Now I'm curious about the following: - Did I thought right on measuring the memory usage (like in: are there better alternatives for measuring available? etc.)? - Is the memory usage of +/- 20 MB considered as normal for the IPBWI plugin in Wordpress, or should this be a lower amount of memory? I already did the following to try to prevent the Internal Server error: - added php_value memory_limit 64M in .htaccess in the root of the website ( /httpdocs) - added define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M'); to wp-config.php Todo at my side: - Test each plugin seperately with IPBWI to see if they are not playing well with each other - Browse through server logs to see if memory usage exceeds 64 MB As we are on shared webhosting raising the 64MB limit is not possible, as well as changing the the PHP configuration files. So we're limited in our options Hope someone could help me out (or provide a solution that wil help others experiencing the same sort of problem). Thanks
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    When testing locally on the computer we used 128M, 64M, 32M and even 16M of memory, but even with every plugin incl. IPBWI enabled we didn't experience the problem. So that probably rules out that it is a memory problem I think. Still curious how much memory IPBWI will use on an average basis though We're going to do some more testing to see if there are other ways to reproduce the problem in a controlled environment to see what causes the error to occur exactly. More info on this later
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    Create a new text file named "info.php" with the following content: <?phpphpinfo();?>upload it to the board's directory and open it in your browser. look for document root. This is the correct path.
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    Thanks for the answers so far Looking forward to using this wonderfull plugin to it's full extend, has a lot of potential I think! Due to the small amount of spare time I have available I probably get back with results this saturday, will try to monitor this topic a bit in the meantime, if any more information is needed feel free to ask
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    I just wanted to thank Matthias for his excellent support. Problem has been solved.
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    Best customer service, EVER! Thank you!
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    My bad. I was looking at ipbwi\lib\wordpress\topics. Doh. Thanks.
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    That fixed the stats, many thanks.
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    Hi everyone I know from reading some of the threads on here that getting access to the download after purchase is a manual process that Matthias needs to complete, and may take some time,. I've got no problem with that at all just kind of wondering how long approx it takes, or if you get some sort of notification when it is ready? just to stop me pushing refresh all the time Thanks in advance Matt
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    Just go to /wp-admin/widgets.php and drop the WP widgets you want to display in board in just appeared sidebar IPBWI Sidebar in IP.board
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    Ok thanks, am a little disappointed that my current members won't automatically be registered, but that is good news that once they return it will sign them up automatically. Buying IPBWI now
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    Invision Power announced that there will be a new Single Sign On Interface in IP.board 3.4. My Statement: IPBWI brings a stable, flexible and easy to use SSO solution since years, well documented, ... IPS Connect vs. IPBWI
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    Hi Cameron, thank you for your feedback. I'm sad to hear that you are not happy with IPBWI for WordPress. I don't see your argument about not solving any bugs, as I am always fixing them asap if there are any found. Unfortunately, you did not answered on my support offer last time. I am actually offering support for bugfixing for all customers, but if you don't use it, it's not my fault. There is no reason why I should not fix bugs for any customer - a bug affects all customers, so it's important for me too, to resolve all bugs reported to me. IPBWI for WordPress runs great on many websites with thousands of users and I'm glad to have many happy customers. If there are any issues with other WordPress modules, I'm always looking for a fast solution, but sometimes it's the failure of the other plugins or WordPress itself and there is deeper investigation needed. I've changed my support guidelines to honor customers purchasing premium support with faster response time. And I want to honor those, who purchased that for IPBWI API which is opensource and free. Even in the public support forums you have the possibility to mark a topic as "bug" which allows me to get informed by bugs from users without premium support package. I am happy to hear that you've found another product which better fits your needs. There are many customers around looking for a deeper integration and don't want to stop with a single sign on. There are trillions of possibilities enhancing IPBWI for WordPress by me or by customer itself to get the community deeply integrated to the website and highly customized. Finally, I can make you this offer: If you give me the chance to solve all bugs you've found in IPBWI for WordPress, I'll pay you the 40 USD back you've paid for the competitors product - cash, via paypal. Please contact me on contact@ipbwi.com if you want to accept this offer. Kind regards, Matthias PS: What are your fears against encryption? There are about 10% of IPBWI for WordPress encrypted (the core only). Do you refuse using MS Windows, MS Office or Adobe Photoshop, too because it's encrypted? Even IP.nexus and IP.converge are encrypted.
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