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  1. straightvisions

    Performance Issues / Big Logging Data Storage

    If you run a community with many members, you want to reduce SSO logging to increase performance. Just reduce time for clearing logs in IPB > System > REST API > API Logs.
  2. straightvisions

    Hooks (Actions, Filters)

    To allow you further, update-save customization of plugin behavior or even extending functionality by your own, we provide several actions and filters. Actions You can run your own code on these triggers following WordPress' do_action functionality. ipbwi_sso_loaded Arguments: none ipbwi_sso_hooks_loaded Arguments: none ipbwi_sso_ipb_login Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_logout Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_register Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_delete Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_change_email Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_change_name Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_change_password Arguments: $status $request ipbwi_sso_ipb_validate Arguments: $status $request Filters You can change variables on runtime following WordPress' add_filter functionality. ipbwi_sso_ipb_request Arguments: $request ipbwi_sso_wp_login_destination_url Arguments: $destination_url ipbwi_sso_wp_logout_destination_url Arguments: $destination_url
  3. straightvisions

    Special Chars in Usernames

    Per default, both WordPress and IPS have no issues with special chars in usernames. Some WordPress installs may have strict mode enabled (e.g. through WordPress Network or WPMU Feature) which results in ASCII based names only. Some users may find this free WordPress plugin useful: WordPress Special Characters in Usernames Nevertheless, if this plugin doesn't fix your issue, it has a very lean codebase, so you may just copy, adjust and past it into your theme's functions.php or a custom plugin to get it solved in your scenario. Please note that this inconsistent use of strict mode in WordPress has a bugtracker discussion since 2011, so that's nothing we can hurry up here.
  4. straightvisions

    SSO seems to work - sometimes

    Please try to disable caching the public output for guest. This could occur with cloud caching like cloudfront or with IPS guest cache feature.
  5. The API works per default with a forum setup enabled with search engine friendly URLs. If you have this feature disabled, you'll either need to enable search engine friendly URLs or set the following trigger before first API request: $ipbwi->core->url_rewrite = false; Example: require_once('../ipbwi.php'); $ipbwi->core->url_rewrite = false; // basic board information try{var_dump($ipbwi->core->hello());}catch(Throwable $t){ echo 'Type Error, line '.$t->getLine().': ' .$t->getMessage(); }
  6. Install IPBWI for WordPress SSO plugin, as this is required for this addon Install the IPBWI for WordPress - Sync Groups plugin in WordPress Go to WP Admin -> IPBWI4WP -> Sync Groups Map WP roles with IPS usergroups here Go to IPS Admin -> IPBWI -> Hooks and check Activate Default Hooks Slave notification
  7. Once discussion has started, the discussion topic id is saved as post meta. get topic id meta field: $tid = get_post_meta($post_id, 'ipbwi_cc_topic_id', true); You may want to change that value. This can be done programmatically, too: add_post_meta($post_id, 'ipbwi_cc_topic_id', $topic_id, true);
  8. straightvisions


    The following WordPress filters are available through IPBWI for WordPress - Community Comments: ipbwi4wp_community_comments_create_topic array $parameters: forum, author, title, post ipbwi4wp_community_comments_create_post array $parameters: topic, author, post
  9. Due to the fact that there is no common standard for html structure of comment template files in WordPress, each theme on this world has it's own structure there, so the CSS code from one theme will not map to the other. That means it's just impossible to serve a comment template through a plugin which fits all themes on the world, so you either need to style them by your own via CSS or edit the template file to better suit to your theme To edit the comments theme file provided through IPBWI for WordPress - Community Comments: Just copy file /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ipbwi4wp_community_comments/lib/assets/tpl/community_comments.php to /wordpress/wp-content/themes/YOUR_THEME/ipbwi/community_comments.php and start editing.
  10. Following these steps will clean your IPS installation from IPS connect entries left by IPBWI: update the IPS base URL in IPBWI's SSO Settings in WordPress remove the outdated IPS connect Slave URL in PHPmyAdmin -> IP.board Database -> Table ibf_core_ipsconnect_slaves -> Field slave_url set value of field connect_slaves in table ibf_core_sys_conf_settings to amount of entries in table ibf_core_ipsconnect_slaves Go to IPS ACP -> System -> Support -> Something isn't working correctly -> continue Flush any Browser- and Servercaches, as well as CDNs like Cloudflare. Unfortunately, we will not offer a more convenient way for these steps, as IPS has already mentioned in a support ticket that such a feature is on their todo list
  11. straightvisions


    With IPBWI 4, you are able to handle hooks triggered by IPS 4. Configuration IPBWI PHP Wrapper set ipbwi_ACTIVATE_HOOKS in /ipbwi-api/ to true rename file /ipbwi-api/lib/hooks.php.dist to hooks.php edit file hooks.php and fill methods with your custom code SSO Hooks SSO Hooks are based on IPS.connect and automatically fire to all slaves regardless of the settings below. IPBWI IPS App After you've installed the App Go to IPS ACP -> IPBWI -> Advanced -> Hooks Activate Default Hooks. We will describe how to add custom hooks later You may want to activate hooks going to be sent to all IPS connect slaves, a custom URL and/or via email. In all cases, data is sent as json-string. Default Hooks The following Hooks are triggered for Topics and Posts when Default Hooks has been activated. set_pp_main_photo IPS\\ipbwi_hook_ipbwi_member::set_pp_main_photo Whenever a profile photo of a member has been changed. The delivered data object contains the photopath and the updated member object save IPS\\forums\\ipbwi_hook_ipbwi_forums_topic::save IPS\\forums\\Topic\\ipbwi_hook_ipbwi_forums_topic_post::save Whenever Topic Data has been created or changed - great if you are caching topic information on your site and want to get a refresh trigger. The delivered data object contains the field item with detailed informations about the item. modAction IPS\\forums\\ipbwi_hook_ipbwi_forums_topic::modAction IPS\\forums\\Topic\\ipbwi_hook_ipbwi_forums_topic_post::modAction Whenever a mod action has been performed, the data object contains a field action which informs about the type of action performed: feature unfeature pin unpin hide unhide lock unlock move merge delete approve Additionally, information about the member who has performed the action as well as a reason and item information are delivered in data object. Custom Hooks You can create your own, custom hooks utilizing the Code Hooks feature of IPS. Snippet: if(isset(\IPS\Settings::i()->ipbwi_hooks_activate_default) && \IPS\Settings::i()->ipbwi_hooks_activate_default == 1 && isset($this) && is_object($this) && method_exists($this, 'apiOutput')){ $hooks = new \IPS\ipbwi\modules\admin\advanced\hooks; $hooks->send(__METHOD__,array('item' => $this->apiOutput())); }
  12. straightvisions

    Known issues with third party extension

    In most cases, IPBWI for WordPress v4 works without any issues. Some third party extensions are known to generate issues in connection with IPBWI for WordPress v4. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd This plugin deactivates the WordPress' REST API, so you'll receive the following error code during login/logout: {"code":"rest_cannot_access","message":"Only authenticated users can access the REST API.","data":{"status":401}} You may deactivate this plugin and try another one or edit file /wp-content/plugins/coming-soon/inc/class-seed-csp4.php and remove or outcomment the following line: return new WP_Error( 'rest_cannot_access', __( 'Only authenticated users can access the REST API.', 'coming-soon' ), array( 'status' => rest_authorization_required_code() ) );
  13. straightvisions


    Default Avatars in WordPress are replaced with IPS Avatars. IPBWI for WordPress v4 uses the following hooks: add_filter('pre_get_avatar', array($this->avatars,'ipb_get_avatar'), 99 , 5); add_filter('get_avatar', array($this->avatars,'ipb_get_avatar'), 99 , 5); If you want to add new hooks for compatibility to third party plugins, like buddypress, you may add them like this: add_filter('JUST_ANOTHER_AVATAR_HOOK', array($GLOBALS['ipbwi4wp']->avatars,'ipb_get_avatar'), 99 , 5); The example above is just for orentiation, please note that no free support can be provided for hooking into other third party plugins.
  14. straightvisions

    Get online Status

    Since IPS v4 and IPBWI API v4, online status isn't shared anymore. The reason is how SSO since v4 has changed: v3 required cookie sharing for working SSO, while v4 has implemented a redirect method to allow SSO without domain or hosting limitations. If you are using the same domains for your site and forum and have both installed on the same host, you can get the online status of a member with the following code snippet: require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/forum/init.php'); \IPS\Session\Front::i(); if(\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id) { } Please note that our standard support does not include help with code snippets like this, as these are not part of the standard IPBWI functionality. This snippet is intended as quick start for your own research.