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  1. Do you provide also a support after installation with that pack?
  2. How can I see wordpress path? A guy said me to upload this file And see which is wordpress path. It gives me /web/..../www.gamer-core.it/home/ If I set this value in the field, the forum disappears (it leaves a blank page).
  3. Damn! I was using WP Super Cache plugin! Maybe it is the problem! Other plugins are: Akismet BackupWordpress Contact Form 7 TinyMCE Editor Wordpress Seo (Yoast) I will try deleting that plugin and I do some tests While trying to log out from IP.Board. It seems that deleting that plugin something changed but now people can't log out from forum or can't login. I deactived all at the moment.
  4. Hello I have a bit trouble filling this part. Filling all with these doesn't work (when I click on Aggiorna Impostazioni the forum disappears, it leaves just a blank page without anything). Can you give me correct text to insert or a guide to fill it correctly? I modified the path to wordpress in: /web..../www.gamer-core.it/ instead of www.gamer-core.it/home/ and it "seems" to work. The only problem now is that when people go in wordpress site they see the header wordpress bar with my name (Kowak) up on the right and they don't see their name. And now happens also to me that I see different names up on the right. And I got also this error (just visual error) while modifying a page:
  5. Released? Omg thanks man! I will try it this week!
  6. Thanks Matthias. I will wait for that!
  7. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class forumsMemberSync in /web/htdocs/www.gamer-core.it/home/forum/admin/applications_addon/other/jawards/extensions/memberSync.php on line 1 This is the error code I get when I upload ipb files of ipbwi (in binary) on the server. How can I resolve?
  8. Ok Matthias. I'll contact my provider, thanks for reply.
  9. Indeed i'm following instructions but the IP.Board ones aren't useful. I just want a little example (if you have one) how to fill ip.board side plugin, because last time I did I made crash my forum cause of wrong cookie directory. Ok so the dat file has to be anywhere in my site directory, cool
  10. Hello I installed IPBWI for WP yesterday and the plugin wordpress side worked well. I could easily set it up, the problem is on IP.Board side and another problem is related to dat file. First of all I don't know where to put the dat file. After uplaoded all files, the forum gave an error, "impossible to find dat file" first for syncmember.php or something like that and then it happens again with another file always in ip.board uploaded files. Ok, then another problem is IP.Board configuration: Path to WordPress: Insert the serverside path to WordPressBlog-Domain: Insert the Domain of your WordPress BlogBlog Cookie Domain: Insert the Cookie-Domain for the blog. When the blog is on a subdomain, use the secondlevel domain, e.g. blog is on sub.domain.com, insert .domain.comI really don't know what I have to put. The wp plugin side helped me because it gave me informations to find correct links but in IP.Board one there is no help. My homepage is http://www.gamer-core.itso in Path to Wp have I to put this link? Or another? And then, which is the difference between Blog-domain and Path to WP? And also, Blog Cookie Domain, which is it? In WP Plugin I set "automatically find it", but in IP.Board I can't do it. Same problem for: Cookie domain: Insert the Cookie-Domain for the board. When the board is on a subdomain, use the secondlevel domain, e.g. board is on sub.domain.com, insert .domain.com EDIT: Modifying cookie domain brought me and my members to can't login
  11. Oh well so I will buy it soon
  12. Hello, I found this beatiful plugin on internet and I'd like to know a thing: i read all features on the main page but I didn't find anything about "comments". I'd like that in my site users can comment under articles with the same forum account, without post as guests. I think that is possible but I want the security EDIT: Ah and if the plugin works with WP 4.0