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  1. Password reset was fixed in 3.6.6 so something you changed corrected that issue, however there is still an issue in 3.6.6 regarding the registration question showing up on the register screen. I don't have any captcha plugin nor do I have captcha enabled in ipbwi. I presume this might be an issue related to the wordpress version I am using? I am using the latest version.
  2. To add another issue to the list, users see a "registration question" box only when IPBWI is enabled. However i have the captcha disabled in IPBWI settings. Since I have no other captcha enabled, and the box goes away when IPBWI is disabled, I presume this is also an IPBWI issue that needs to be fixed.
  3. Most customers that buy the software, don't start with a blank install. They still expect it to work. I've removed all plugins that could possibly be affecting this, and it's still not working. I end up having to manually change the user's password on the site and in most cases the user doesn't even have a forum account because their account existed pre-bridge. I have almost 20,000 users. I can't go through and change each one's password for them when they have an issue because they forgot the password and then did a password reset. Obviously the hook used to override WP's password reset has a logic error in it somewhere. The "wrong_auth" error is an IPBWI error and users never had this issue prior to the bridge being used. I have a feeling this is due to it's check to see if the user's password is the same on both databases and if mismatch it doesn't work but wordpress still submits the password reset. Here's my list of plugins: Better Adjacent Post Links (Only modifies single.php to offer a new hook providing a better "previous/next" post link. Category Tags - This is merely a new database entry and hook allowing categories to be tagged for easy listing via it's own template. FPW Category Thumbnails -- Uses the last post-image in a category to be the category image. IPBWI Mass Post Plugin - Used to create many posts at one time. OPCache Dashboard -- I have zend opcache, however I have it disabled on all IPBWI/WP-Defaults, I wasn't using it when this error started showing up it was disabled. Restrict Usernames - Prevents the user from signing up with "blah blah blah" -- I can disable this, but I doubt it affects forgot password. Single Post Template -- Allows use of a different template to be used for specific posts. Summary Plugin - Quickly add summaries to posts without editing each post manually. Text Replace - Replace text within posts, create shortcuts for commonly added snippets. W3 Total Cache - Didn't have it installed when first tested with ipbwi, it's set to ignore all wp/ipbwi scripts WP Cleanup Optimizer Lite Edition - Just used to clean up old unused database entries WP Mail Bank - Updates wp_mail() to use smtp with ssl.
  4. Is it compatible? My php install says the loaders are there and functioning. Php is throwing an error that IPBWI requires the loaders and that they aren't there. phpinfo says they are.
  5. Okay after doing some more testing. Scenario: - User forgets password. - User does wordpress password forget. - User gets new password from wordpress. - User tries to login using new password. - User gets wrong_auth -------------------------------------------------------- - User then tries again. - User doesn't get wrong_auth, user just doesn't get logged in but wordpress accepts their login. It sounds to be like IPBWI is not updating the IPB database for the user when they do a forget pass. This would be a major issue, as people do forget pass all the time. I've disabled all the plugins I think could be causing the issue, plugins that might edit any of the wp forms.
  6. We checked this and indeed it was an issue with that for the user. We have another issue though, Users are getting a brute error (i can't confirm because it doesn't affect me) Users are sometimes not getting the login cookie, after looking in the logs IPB says they're not allowed to view this community. I disabled IPB anti-spam and account locking to no avail. This has only been a recent issue with no differences in plugins.
  7. I completely removed WP-SpamShield, still no luck.
  8. My users are getting errors when trying to login (not register) that the username is taken. http://i.imgur.com/ggq5350.png This happens when they're on the login page, but not the registration page. Plugins changed recently: WP-SpamShield (replaced captcha bank) IPBWI (from trial to paid) Sorry Matthias, I meant to post this in for IPBWI 3 for Wordpress, could you move it for me?
  9. Thanks Matthias, sorry about messing up your name. Read it the wrong way.
  10. Hello Matthew, I purchased IPBWI for Wordpress and the download is not appearing for me. Since the trial encoded file expired 1 day earlier than expected my site is 500 erroring. I'll have to remove IPBWI until you guys approve my download ability for the files.
  11. Does IPBWI for Wordpress follow IPB's character restrictions? I've noticed users like to add spaces and symbols to their usernames since Wordpress doesn't disallow it. Will IPBWI prevent those usernames from signing up? (This is sort of something I want) by following the character restrictions inside of IPB's system settings > user name restrictions Does IPBWI for Wordpress only Sync old accounts when the user logs in? If not, does IPBWI for Wordpress have an option to clear old wordpress accounts that haven't sync'd after so long?