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  1. Hello Matthias, A few months ago we discussed that there are duplicate mysql queries on the front page (doubling the number of IPBWIWP queries for every post). It can be seen via turning on debug mode in WP or using xdebug in php. Did you manage to weed out these duplicates? It would mean a lot in performance on a busy site. Thanks and have a nice day! Peter
  2. bepe

    ipbwi tables

    Workaround hint: I replaced all the logout links inside ipb with logout links pointing to wp logout... (a mod_rewrite solution works too)
  3. AFAIK you can be logged into WP from different computers at the same time. This does not apply to IPB. If you log in from another IP, it logs you out from the previous PC. (IPB updates the session table, hence the old session becomes invalid+logged out.) Have you used your site from different computers?
  4. why cannot I send you pm here?
  5. I can give access to my virtual environment if it speeds up debugging. Please pm me here or somewhere else. Thanks.
  6. Hello Matthias! I am trying to test an upgrade with the latest demo in a virtual environment but get this error: [28-Feb-2013 07:08:39] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::display() in /wdata/virtual/xxxxxxxx/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ipbwi/lib/ipbwi/lib/ on line 331 if I turn off `Enable Forum Comments Feature` the error goes away, but this is critical for my site. WP 3.5.1 IPB 3.4.2 IPBWIWP: 3.4.2 / latest demo available this morning Please advise on how to proceed. Thank you.