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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I recently purchased IPWI for Wordpress 3, and I am truly happy with it. It all works great and smooth, I love it. But there is one little thing I can't solve. My WP theme let me add a personalized excerpt for the articles, so I can improve SEO among other things, but this caused a little problem when I was using another bridge system, and now the same happens woth IPWI. The problem is that when I post something in WP, a topic is created in the IPB forum but the content of that topic is the article's personalized excerpt instead of the full article. With the other bridge system, I solved the problem by changing a line of code from $content = !empty($post->post_excerpt) ? $post->post_excerpt : $post->post_content; to $content = $post->post_content; but I don't know what to touch here on IPWI to get the same results. I'm sure that the solution is just that simple too, I'll appreciate if you can point me in the right direction to fix this. And another detail is that the topic in IPB is created by me, even if I publish a WP article written by another author on my site, like if it does not take in account who is the author but instead who is logged and posting the article. Thanks!
  2. Widgets like topics, voting are not coming in widgets control panel in wordpress. Solve my issue. I have marked the tick in IPBWI plugin but still not showing in widgets section.
  3. Firstly, apologies if this question has been answered already. I did some searching and couldn't see anything but for old posts. This is my clients scenario: They have a members only forum that is using IPboard. The have Website run on Wordpress. They want to have a) SSO to login the forum ( hosted on ) from their Wordpress website. They want to use a membership plugin to create new members and sell content directly from website ( currently being sold on an external marketplace) My main questions are: 1. Does the forum need to be on the same server for SSO to work with Wordpress? 2. Can you recommend a Membership plugin with SSO with much hacking. Thanks in advanced.
  4. Hi, I hope someone can give me some pointers on how to troubleshoot further or knows a solution for this problem, any help is greatly appreciated I recently installed the latest version of the IPBWI plugin on our website. This works well and good when only the IPBWI plugin is enabled. As soon as we enable more plugins in Wordpress (about 10 plugins at most) Wordpress gives us the '500 Internal Server error' . After this wp-admin cannot be accessed as it only gives this error. Unfortunately no other information is specified. As through my Google search I learned big chances are that 500 errors are caused by the PPH memory limit (which in our case is 64M). Based on this I ran the P3 Plugin Profiler plug into see how much memory each plugin was using, please find the results below: - Wordpress with only Plugin Profiler enabled: +/- 34MB - Wordpress with every other plugin we're currently using enabled (except IPBWI): +/-42 MB. - Wordpress with only IPBWI : 58 MB - Wordpress with all plugins (incl. IPBWI): 500 Internal Server error (exceeds memory limit of 64M?) Based on the above I made a simple conclusion (though my knowledge on memory usage of PHP and WP plugins is limited) that IPBWI is using about 20 MB of available memory through PHP. Now I'm curious about the following: - Did I thought right on measuring the memory usage (like in: are there better alternatives for measuring available? etc.)? - Is the memory usage of +/- 20 MB considered as normal for the IPBWI plugin in Wordpress, or should this be a lower amount of memory? I already did the following to try to prevent the Internal Server error: - added php_value memory_limit 64M in .htaccess in the root of the website ( /httpdocs) - added define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M'); to wp-config.php Todo at my side: - Test each plugin seperately with IPBWI to see if they are not playing well with each other - Browse through server logs to see if memory usage exceeds 64 MB As we are on shared webhosting raising the 64MB limit is not possible, as well as changing the the PHP configuration files. So we're limited in our options Hope someone could help me out (or provide a solution that wil help others experiencing the same sort of problem). Thanks
  5. Heya. I've recently purchased IPBWI for wordpress and while installing the wordpress widgets I found out that there is no way to style how they are displayed because as far as I could see, the widget code is encoded. So I'd like to know what should I do to style per example, the Last Topics Widget. I find they way that it is showing atm really ugly and not very clean. I'd like something similar to this: instead of the current one. Any help? Thanks.