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First of all, thanks in advance for your attention.

I would like to make a few questions before deciding to buy IPWI for WordPress.

I usually read all the information about a product to know if what I am purchasing will fit my needs, but in this case, there are no clear information to be found about the product, since internet is filled with contradictory / old information about it and I really need to know if it will work for what I need.

I own a videogames culture website, having WP (latest version) as the main page for news and articles, and IP Board (3.4.x) as the forum system. I am using WP IPS Connect right now as a bridge for SSO and for syncing WP posts with a forum post, including comments. But IPS Connect is rather old and basic, its development appears to be really slow, and some bugs started to appear mostly because of WP updates. So here are my questions:

1-I have read that IPWI for WordPress will allow SSO for my users, so they can login in the forum (ip board) and they are automatically logged too in the news portal (wordpress). I have also read somewhere that users will sync this way: if a new user is created in IP Board, it will be automatically duplicated and synced with WP. That is great and that is one thing I need, but I want to know if I can select somehow which fields to sync, because for example my writers use the same credentials to login, of course, but they use their real names in the news site as the name to show, andtheir nicknames in the forum. WP IPS Connect change the name in the forum too if a user change his/her name to show in WP, but I was able to remove that sync touching a line of code, keeping all the other fields synced except that field, and also the profile picture, being one in WP and a different one in IP Board.

2-This is not clear to me right now, I have not read enough information about it. With WP IPS Connect, when I post something in WP, a new topic is created inside an specific forum in IP Board. And the comments posted in IPB appear as comments in WP and vice-versa. Can IPWI for WordPress do this same thing? And what about for directly replacing WP comments system and embedding IPB comments in the comments section automatically?

3-I just need the two things I asked above, so any other features will be appreciated. This third question is about updating this system. Right now I am using IPB 3.4.x just because IPB 4 does not have a bridge for syncing with WP. You are working on a new version of IPWI for WP, supporting IPB 4, and I want to know if I buy IPWI for WP 3, will I be able to update to IPWI for WP 4 free of charge when it launches?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi Shinji3rd,

thank you for you interest and taking time to ask your questions.

Here are some ressources that might help for future questions:

You may note that following links on that page bottom conflicts, service mode, FAQ and HowTo install) will help you a lot.

Concerning your questions:

1) Loginname, displayname, email and password are synced via IPBWI for WordPress.

2) yep, that's possible with the plugin. Additionally, you are able to show old WP comments combined with new IPB comments on WP side.

3) IPBWI for WordPress 4 will be a completely new written software. Both, license costs and renewal fees for IPBWI for WordPress 4 will be far higher than now with IPBWI for WordPress. I understand, that higher prices are never appreciated, but the high coding standard combined with serious maintenance effort won't allow keeping prices on same level. Coding quality in IPBWi for WordPress 3 was high, but in v4 it will be surpreme.

Finally, please note that IPBWI for WordPress 3 has reached it's end of life. I'll not add any features to the plugin.

I've stopped selling IPBWI for WordPress 3 on my store and will add it to IPS marketplace shortly. Instead of being encoded and binded to a single domain, v3 will be opensource amd far cheaper from now on. This will result in the fact, the upgrade to v4 for all v3 purchases from IPS Marketplace will not be provided.

Once approved, IPBWI for WordPress 3 legacy edition will be available on

Kind regards,


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Thank you very much, Matthias! Although I can't download the file. Apparently, I don't have permissions to download yet.

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